I need something real ,

So this is when we finally learn the real meaning of change . You do the things you used to be aginst , you date the people you thought you would never would , and you befriend the people you used to hate . You’ll learn what it’s like to have your heart broken , to lose a friend that truly meant something to you , and to feel as if everything is really falling apart . There will be times that your life seems so absolutely horrible it feels like it’s not real despite all this , good things will come too . You’ll make the most amazing friends that will be there for you even when they probably shouldn’t . Your broken heart will heal once you find the most perfect guy you’ve ever met and just as nothing else can go wrong , things will only get better . There will be the days that I will be so happy , and the days I feel like dying , drama happens , gossip goes around and people always talk shit about you when actually they don’t really even know you . Maybe this is just the teenage years , or it’s called life or maybe this is what we called growing up . Because , everything that happen to us , will make us even more mature , and more stronger . So we just go through everything with a smile on our face , no matter how much it hurt us , but just stay strong .